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Kazdoura is a Toronto based music group that presents Arabic fusion. The project was founded by Leen and Johnny in the summer of 2020. It started as performing some of the Arabic classics, but in a modern and re-invented style.

Leen is a newcomer artist from Syria her passion for classical Arabic music led her to collaborate with many artists from different musical backgrounds in order to revive this music and introduce it to the diverse communities in canada

When Leen met multi-instrumentalist (guitarist and saxophonist) Johnny, he was very enthusiastic to learn and play songs from his Arabic background. Together they fused old Arabic songs (some over 50 to 100 years old) with many musical influences such as blues, funk and jazz.

In October, Kazdoura released their debut single "Wain" the inspiration for "Wain" comes from these struggles and destruction in the middle east, and the hardships as immigrants.
Currently, Kazdoura is working on an EP set to be released in April 2022.

The style of music is a mix of Arabic and Western influences such as jazz, funk, electro-pop, pop and disco.

Kazdoura has been performing extensively in Toronto.They had a 3-month residency at a venue called “The Oud and The Fuzz” where they built a strong and supportive community. They performed at the Palestinian Film Festival, taste of the middle east festival and many notable venues in Toronto such as Drom Taberna and recently they performed in Montreal.


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Phone: +16472829553
Toronto, ON, M5A0B9
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